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Faced with IBM and the physical disability it signals, the questions that patients ask are simple. What are the causes of IBM? What are the treatment options available to us? At IBMF, we are working unceasingly to find answers to these questions. The IBMF is a private operating foundation, which means it conducts research directly, as well as working with other research institutions.

Recent research projects that the IBMF has been involved in are:

An Inclusion Body Myositis Blood Test – research at Harvard Medical School identified a protein in the blood of most patients with IBM that can be used to aid diagnosis. The identification of this protein also has unequivocally settled long-standing controversy in the field as to whether or not there is autoimmunity directed against a normal muscle component in IBM – with an answer of “yes”. IBM is certainly, in part, an autoimmune disease.

Developing a rationale for the use of BYM338 in clinical trials of inclusion body myositis – studies of muscle samples from patients with IBM suggested that a drug therapeutic candidate called BYM338 might be useful in the treatment of IBM. A subsequent clinical trial provided further evidence and the Food and Drug Administration granted Breakthrough Therapy designation for BYM338 in IBM in August of 2013.


An extensive range of helpful resources have been compiled for you as part of IBMF’s effort to support the understanding and awareness of Inclusion Body Myositis. These resources include medical literature on IBM, links to previous and ongoing IBM Clinical Trials, and other educational information on IBM.

Real-time Medical Literature Searches

PubMed , a free search engine maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health, allows you to access references, abstracts and articles from the MEDLINEdatabase. Listed below are PubMed links to search results on IBM.

More information on IBM

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